Festival Schedule

The Festival of Branded Content and Entertainment

2nd – 3rd October 2013

Luna Park, Milsons Point, Sydney.

Networking Forum
2nd October 2013
Formal appointment-based networking (15:00 – 18:00),
followed by drinks reception (18:00 – 19:00)

3rd October 2013, 7:45 – 18:00

7:45 Delegate registration

8:30 Keynote: Jonathan Kneebone, The Glue Society

Globally respected creative and co-founder of The Glue Society, Jonathan Kneebone will set out the “naive” expectations and misconceptions that dog the industry and discuss what needs to happen for a piece of branded content to be developed and broadcast. Drawing on interviews with the world’s leading creatives from Glue Society’s 2020 Vision series for Think TV, the presentation will focus on creating compelling work for the screen and second screen and the tough realities that need to be recognised – involving process, control, budgets etc – even before ideas are tabled. View more about this session

9:00 (Is) that entertainment?

A 15-minute gameshow: can our experts tell the difference between brand-funded content, native advertising, branded entertainment etc. You have the final say.

9:15 The great branded content debate

How do you define branded entertainment. What’s the difference between a three-minute piece of brand-funded entertainment and a long ad? Could you consider Google Search a form of native advertising? Why do we struggle so much with the term, and does that uncertainty restrict client investment? View more about this session

Moderator: Dan Ilic, executive producer, Downwind Media


  • Zara Curtis, GM of Fremantle Media’s branded content division Spring
  • Ross Raeburn, MD, Soap Creative
  • Richard Parker, head of strategy, Edge Custom
  • Patricia Weiss, chief strategy officer, Wanted Agency


10:00 Bringing the brand to life

Why a real-life experience beats online hands down in developing engaged customers.

We share three of the most remarkable pieces of brand-funded experience –  Rolling Stone Magazine’s pop-up bar “Live Lodge”, Daft Punk’s album launch in the rural town of Wee Waa, NSW and CocaCola’s Small World Machines, which placed video-linked vending machines in Pakistan and India. The panel discuss why creating something that only a relatively small number of people experience first hand can be scalable, how to create content from the event that lives online and ends up being talked about worldwide, the challenges, risks and obstacles involved, how they overcame them and what these projects delivered for their brands. View more about this session

  • Moderator: Cathie McGinn, Festival curator
  • Matt Coyte, editor-in-chief, Rolling Stone Magazine
  • John Parker, GM of marketing & promotions ANZ, Sony Music
  • Adrian Gunadi, producer, Leo Burnett Sydney


10.00 What native advertising isn’t

This session examines what defines native advertising, how brands can best work with platforms and the rise of the native editor. The presentation includes a showcase of best practice and case studies from around the world intended to help marketers understand what constitutes native advertising and how to create it.

We help advertisers understand the process, from creation to promotion, and how to measure it, outline where responsibilities lie and how to navigate blurred lines between “advertorial and editorial”. By the end of the session, hosted by youth-focused digital publisher The Sound Alliance’s content director Tim Duggan, you will understand the process, from creation to promotion, as well as how to measure effectiveness. View more about this session

  • Tim Duggan, content director, The Sound Alliance


11:10  TV with friends: Integrating Facebook and Youtube for broadcasters and brands

Facebook head of telco, tech and entertainment Brent Annells offers practical advice and examples of how Facebook works with broadcasters and brands to create engaged audiences, from reality show integration to the Yahoo!7 and Seven News partnership with Facebook to track Australian election trends. Annells will also share details on several new Facebook APIs launching shortly that will allow broadcasters and other content producers, including brands, to take direct/live content feeds from Facebook and Instagram. View more about this session

Google/YouTube head of content partnerships Felicity McVay shares insights from YouTube’s work with US talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel in building audience and ratings through social media integration. During a time when other late night talk show hosts’ ratings declined, Kimmel’s ratings grew due to the show’s integration with social media platforms like YouTube. View more about this session


  • Brent Annells, head of telco, tech and entertainment, Facebook
  • Felicity McVay, head of content partnerships, YouTube


11:10 Five content makers, one brief

In this fast-paced session, creatives from the worlds of mobile development, fiction film, YouTube, content and publishing compete to solve a real business problem. The five content makers will pitch their response to a brief live on stage.


12:10 Case study: Boost / The Monkeys “Stay Living”: how and why a telco brand commissioned a post-apocalyptic zombie film series.

We discuss how they took calculated risks in creating an unconventional zombie film campaign, “Stay Living”, and how this was funded, distributed and measured. The panel share the role of ATL promotion along with targeted blogger outreach and the social integration and seeding strategy. The session will also share some of the lessons learned, along with campaign results demonstrating how a brave decision has delivered exceptional results for the telco. View more about this session

  • Moderator: Cathie McGinn, Festival curator
  • Anthony Torr, GM, business development, Boost Mobile
  • Micah Walker executive creative director and partner, The Monkeys
  • Dan Beaumont, director of client services, The Monkeys 


12:10 Brands and bands

The days when artists working with clients meant they’d sold out are long gone. From global megastars like Jay-Z and Lady Gaga to electronic dance music trio Swedish House Mafia, artists are finding new ways to work with brands, from partnering with music streaming platforms to creating original material. But how can they keep their integrity and credibility with their audience while delivering the results brands need to see?  The panel discuss what makes the relationship work for artists, how labels ensure credibility and longevity for artists when they do get involved in commercial projects, and how brands can leverage non-performance artist content, from behind-the-scenes footage to interviews, and how to make it scalable. View more about this session

  • Moderator: Christie Poulos, founder, Jumpshot
  • Ricki-Lee Coulter, artist.
  • Roddy Campbell, GM business development, Universal Music
  • Greg Tremain, GM of content marketing, MCM Media
  • Sudeep Gohil, CEO, Droga5
  • Sean Hall, general manager, brand marketing, Telstra



  • TV as a supporting medium

This session explores the changing role of the 30-second television commercial and how TV can support brand-funded content rather than the other way around.

Addicted to advertising on TV? Think you need to go cold turkey? Havas Worldwide ECD Steve Coll explains how his agency thinks about TV in a supporting role. And how a little bit of TV can still do you good. View more about this session

  • Steve Coll, executive creative director, Havas Worldwide Sydney
  • Visual trends and crowd-sourced creativity for brands

Thanks to the advancement of digital technology, smartphone and social media, consumers have become careful, creative content makers who curate their own lives and share images and video which have meaning. If brands want to ensure their visual content is as powerful, shareable and meaningful as that of consumers, they need to understand changing visual trends, the meaning of imagery in transmedia advertising and the wider visual culture. This session will help brands utilise visual content for impactful, engaging campaigns on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Andrew Delaney will share insights from Getty’s global research into visual trends and what common factors connect images with consumers worldwide. View more about this session

  • Andrew Delaney, director, content development, creative, Getty Images


13:50 Content Planning Workshop

The hour-long workshop will guide the audience through the process of translating your brand into an entertainment idea. Delegates are invited to bring a brief overview of their brand and challenges, with the aim of leaving the room with an actionable entertainment idea for their brand.

At the end of the session, The Hallway will take the three best ideas and offer a further two-hour development session to evolve the brand entertainment idea. View more about this session

The session will be facilitated by:

  • Simon Lee, creative partner, The Hallway
  • Sophie Price, head of planning, The Hallway
  • Jules Hall, managing partner, The Hallway 


14:50 Intel on the creative process of brand funded content

Intel has been investing in content for years, with recent short film series the Beauty Inside picking up three Grand Prix at Cannes. Locally, Intel created a content partnership with Ten for the launch of the most recent series of Offspring, and a native advertising series to promote its sponsorship of Vivid Sydney which ran on new digital site Junkee. The background, planning process and approach to measuring the success of several of Intel’s recent content projects will be revealed during this session. View more about this session

  • Anna Torres, Intel national marketing manager
  • Stig Richards, creative director, the Sound Alliance
  • Jennifer Wilson, director, the Project Factory


14:50 30 minutes screening: The best of the world’s branded entertainment, curated by Branded Arts Review

A 30 minute screening and analysis of what makes it effective, curated by Danielle Long, editor of Branded Arts Review. B.A.R is a weekly title which showcases the best brand funded content from around the world. View more about this session

  • Danielle Long, editor, Branded Arts Review



16:10 ROI and effectiveness in branded content

Everyone loves a good idea, but if you can’t demonstrate ROI to a CMO, your branded content project just won’t get over the line. This session sets out how to evaluate effectiveness and measure success, whatever format you’re working in. View more about this session


16:10 The role of content in retail

Two of Australia’s biggest retail brands are to share the different ways they use content to increase purchase and loyalty. Myer is to share the story of how its custom magazine evolved to become a digital publishing platform across multiple channels, and the impact of the content on customer loyalty and purchase. Telstra will share insight into how a recent in-store promotion used augmented reality to help drive purchase of a new smartphone. View more about this session

  • Moderator: Brooke Hemphill, editor, Encore
  • Natalie Warren-Smith, National Marketing Manager, Myer
  • Margaret Merten, custom media publishing manager, Bauer
  • Margaret Tyson, retail marketing manager, Telstra
  • Paul Kouppas, CTO and co-founder, Explore Engage

17:00  The myth of the viral: The secret relationship between branded content and paid media

A panel of experts share the complexities of the paid media strategy behind some of the most watched viral content ever created. Adam Ferrier moderates a session with presentations from John Mescall, ECD, McCann Melbourne and Joel Pearson, innovation director, PHD Worldwide on the complexities of the paid, earned and owned media strategy behind Dove Real Beauty Sketches and Dumb Ways to Die.” View more about this session

  • Moderator: Adam Ferrier, consumer psychologist
  • John Mescall, ECD, McCann Australia
  • Joel Pearson, innovation director, PHD Worldwide

17:45 Q&A 

Wrap up: Adam Ferrier hosts a Q&A with a panel of experts to answer audience questions,  summarise the day’s issues and share their views on creating effective branded content and entertainment


18:15 Drinks

19:30 Awards cocktail reception and presentation – dress code: business attire

23.30 Close

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cathie@focalattractions.com.au or denise@focalattractions.com.au