Festival Schedule

Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 October 2014 | Luna Park, Milsons Point, Sydney. The event is now over

The 2014 BEfest program:

8.45 – 10.00am Keynote: The Game of Love & Trust

Nick Worthington – Executive Creative Director, Colenso BBDO Auckland

Nick Worthington is one of the world’s most awarded and respected creatives, while his Auckland-based Colenso BBDO is one of the world’s most successful agencies. In this rare keynote interview, Worthington will share the story of the agency’s six year journey away from traditional advertising and his philosophy on creating branded entertainment.

Moderator – Tim Burrowes, Content Director, Mumbrella

Nick Worthington

10.00 – 10.50am Not another campaign brief

Just like any other form of marketing, branded entertainment and content marketing starts with a brief.

In this session, four agencies will approach the same hypothetical brief and propose a solution that goes beyond traditional advertising. After explaining the thinking behind the strategy, each presenter will set out their strategy; detail how it would be executed; their plan for distribution and how success will be measured. At the end, the audience will decide who made the best case.


  • The Sphere Agency – Michael Abdul
  • Edelman – Matthew Gain
  • King Content – Todd Wheatland
  • Agent Yang – Jeff Cooper

Moderator – Alex Hayes, Editor, Mumbrella

wheatland abdul gain

11.10am – 12.10pm How to develop a strategy

Rather than rushing into content marketing simply because it’s fashionable, this panel offers pointers on how to develop a smart content marketing or branded entertainment strategy for any brand. This session will offer pointers on what a brief should cover, questions to ask, and how to assess whether your strategy makes sense.

Speakers include acclaimed brand strategist John Ford who was founding chairman of Account Planning Group; Fairfax journalist-turned-content-marketer Lauren Quaintance and Cannes Titanium Grand Prix winning Kate Smither who worked on Dove’s global Real Beauty Sketches and Camera Shy campaigns.


Moderator: Rakhal Ebeli, Managing director, Newsmodo


11.10am – 12.10pm Brands beyond advertising

Brands that have previously invested heavily in above the line advertising are discovering they can amplify their messages beyond the 30 second spot through branded entertainment.

Our panel share real case studies, with real data about what works.


Moderator: Alex Hayes, Editor, Mumbrella

12.10 – 1.00pm How to execute your content marketing plan

Developing a content marketing strategy is one thing – executing it is another.

Our panel shares advice and experiences on how to deliver on strategy, regardless what form the content marketing may take. What budgets and resources are realistic? Once you’ve started, how do you build a plan – and content diary – that will continue to work going forward?

Moderator: Nic Christensen, Deputy editor, Mumbrella

Danielle Long Branded Arts12.10 – 1.00pm
World’s best branded entertainment showcase

In this entertaining and inspiring presentation, Danielle Long will return to BEfest to once again showcase an overview of the best in brand entertainment from Australia and the rest of the world over the last 12 months.

Introduction: Camille Alarcon, Publisher, The Source

1.50 – 2.50pm Content sharing, and why going viral is (mostly) a myth

Dr Karen Nelson-Field – Senior research associate, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

In this presentation, Karen Nelson-Field, author of Viral Marketing, will share the controversial findings of one of the world’s most rigorous academic studies into video sharing.

Her findings underline the necessity of creating a distribution strategy to underpin any type of content marketing included brand-funded video.

Introduction: Tim Burrowes, Mumbrella



1.50 – 2.50pm Native advertising – making it work

Native advertising has been one of the most talked about marketing topics of the last 12 months. Featuring real local examples, hear from practitioners about what works for brands and how to avoid the pitfalls.


Moderator: Tim Addington, Executive director, Publishers Australia

2.50 – 3.50pm Distribution – the hidden piece of the jigsaw

The least understood – and arguably most important – element of any content marketing strategy is distribution.

How will you get your brand-created video, niche focused site or white paper in front of the right audience? Our panel discusses the paid element of distribution, how to budget effectively and who is best placed to lead the work.


Moderator – Tim Burrowes, Mumbrella

2.50 – 3.50pm How to be a thought leader

Content marketing offers a huge opportunity for brands and individuals to position themselves as leaders and experts in their field.

This session explores methods of developing a thought-leading positioning – including through webinars, podcasts, brand journalism and white papers.

Individuals succeeding in all of these approaches will share the secrets of how to do it yourself. Panellists include blogging, content marketing strategist and podcaster Trevor Young, aka PR Warrior, and webinar expert James New. They are also joined by Cameron Reilly, director of Motherlode and presenter of Life Of Caesar which is currently a top 100 ranked show on iTunes in the USA.


Moderator – Camille Alarcon, Publisher, The Source

4.10 – 5.00pm Measuring ROI in content marketing

Creating great content is just the beginning of the story …you cannot improve what you do not measure. This expert panel of brands including BUPA and Australian content marketing agency King Content hash out the ins and outs of taking your content to the next level by effectively measuring and improving your content marketing ROI.

  • Matt Allison, Health & Care Community Marketing Manager, Bupa
  • Jerome Bamminger, Chief Innovation Officer, Flight Centre
  • Raeleen Hooper, General Manager Franchise Services, Snap
  • Pamela Kemp, Retention Marketing Manager, Thomson Reuters

Moderator – Todd Wheatland, Head of strategy, King Content

4.10 – 5.00pm Making brand integration work on television

How do you integrate brands into television vehicles – particularly in prime-time?

What does a brand look for – and how does a creator ensure that the content doesn’t turn off the audience?

Through a series of case studies, agency strategists and TV practitioners from major networks share their advice on how to make it work for both brands and viewers in new and existing formats


Moderator – Justin Ricketts, CEO, Ensemble Australia

5.00pm – 6.00pm Question Time

In the final session of the day, a panel of five players in the content marketing world debate key topics raised across the day, and tackle questions from the audience.


Moderator: BEfest curator Tim Burrowes

befest question time van vuuren parkes joyce young murphy

Followed by the annual BEfest Awards for content marketing and branded entertainment